Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Rhythm Masters

In the proud tradition of The Rhythm Sweethearts, The Rhythm Ramblers and The Rhythm Pals come Kitchener, Ontario's The Rhythm Masters, who came together in 1964 and toured throughout Ontario, including appearances at the Edison Hotel in Toronto, the Belvedere Club in London and spots in Hamilton, Stratford and Wingham. They also toured with stars like Webb Pierce, Max Powell, Slim Whitman and Nat Stucky. The band's lineup was Wilf Chartrand on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Fred Emerson on drums, Rusty Walker on steel guitar and bass, Cark [sic?] Kees on fiddle, mandolin, guitar, vocals and drums, and Stan Taylor on lead guitar, banjo, fiddle, bass, mandolin and vocals.

Jet Set Country, another Arc Records production, lists Ben Weatherby as being responsible for "direction," and is made up of a mix of covers of then-current hits and a few original numbers. "Buck-A-Roo," credited to B. Morris, is a nice 'n' twangy instrumental that has been recorded by a number of artists over the years, most notably The Byrds on their Live At The Fillmore album. "7 Come 11" is another (uncredited, which probably means it's an original) instrumental, with nice, elastic work on guitar and an endearingly rudimentary bass solo. "The Nashville Rebel" was a 1966 hit for Waylon Jennings written by Harlan Howard, and "Motel Time Again" is a Bobby Bare weeper popularized by Johnny Paycheck.

The Nashville Rebel
7 Come 11
Motel Time Again

Note: These songs have been archived at It Came From Canada.


At 10:33 AM, Blogger Evikn said...

If you've never heard Slim Cessna's Auto Club, go to and listen to some of their stuff. The style of the singer's voice is remarkably similar...though Slim probably drinks a lot more bourbon.

At 7:17 AM, Blogger whitenoise said...

Nice photo of an AC DC-9...lav truck in the back, pumpin' out the waste tank... ;-)

Good work here, BTW. I admire what you do with your blog.

At 4:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just saw the 1964 film "Get Yourself a College Girl". EXCELLENT perfomance from the Rhythm Masters!! Where can I find a copy of their album(s)?


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