Sunday, September 30, 2007

Quebec Rock Vol. 2

Five Bucks on By-Tor marks its 200th post with a few selections from a 1975 budget-line Quebecois compilation entitled, fittingly enough, Quebec Rock Vol. 2.

Et te voila - Renée Claude

A slow 'n' sultry gender-switched cover of The Beatles' "And I Love Her" by singer/actress Renée Claude.

Ste-Melanie Blues - Contraction
Fin du commencement - Contraction

The original version of "Ste-Melanie Blues" (previously featured on the Ville Émard Blues Band post) and a short, bluesy instrumental named "Fin du commencement," courtesy of prog-rock collective Contraction.

Bebe Matin - Claude Dubois

A more traditionally French-sounding rock number with a crunchy, reggae-inflected guitar hook by Montreal-born singer/songwriter/tv host Claude Dubois.

Note: These songs have been archived at It Came From Canada.


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