Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dean Hutchinson

Aside from a few mentions in discographies and archives, I can't track down any information on dobro guitar virtuoso Dean Hutchinson. However, he did release at least a couple of albums on good ol' Arc Records, and the one I've got - entitled, simply, Dobro Guitar - does have a few liner notes:

"When Arc released 'Dobro Mountain Music' last year, featuring the guitar artistry of Dean Hutchinson and Mickey McGivern, the response from fans and country deejays alike was immediate. Many record buyers wrote us that they had never heard such a good, clean country sound, and a great number of people, who hadn't understood exactly what a dobro guitar was, became overnight fans of this fabulous instrument. The dobro, of course, is the forerunner of today's steel guitars and uses a metal resonator to achieve its unique sound.

In this second great album, Dean again teams up with ace guitarist Mickey McGivern to lend a distinctive treatment to a dozen country standards. The results, we're sure, will become as popular as the first album, and will provide the record collector with many hours of solid country entertainment.

Personnel: Mickey McGivern, lead Spanish Guitar: Artie MacLaren, Rhythm guitar: Mack McGivern, bass: Bill Bartlett, drums. Producer and A&R Direction, Ben Weatherby."

What you get here are four short and sweet country music instrumentals, played with precision on the dobro by Hutchinson and ably supported by the band members, especially McGivern, who is given the opportunity to solo on some of the tracks. "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain" is a Willie Nelson classic, and also the last song Elvis ever played (on a piano near his private racquetball courts) before he died, according to Peter Guralnick's masterpiece of a biography. I believe "Mountain Dew" is a traditional number, while "Oklahoma Hills" was written by Woodie Guthrie, first recorded by Guthrie's cousin Jack, and popularized by Hank Thompson*. And "Understand Your Man," not to be confused with "Stand By Your Man," was a 1964 Number One hit for Johnny Cash.

* Thanks to Honky Tonk Radio Girl for the correction!

Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
Mountain Dew
Oklahoma Hills
Understand Your Man

Note: These songs have been archived at It Came From Canada.


At 9:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you know, but it is one year ago today that Dean passed away (Aug.16, 2006).


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