Thursday, June 28, 2007


The reggae singer known as Crasher was born in Jamaica, but according to the liner notes of this 12" single he moved to Canada in 1983. He also won a Canadian Reggae Award (Top Single for "Who's Watching The Baby") in 1987, albeit as an "International" artist. "Amazon" was also recorded in Jamaica, but since Crasher lived in Canada for at least a while I'm declaring him suitable for posting on this blog. Other than the Canadian Reggae Award listing I can't find anything about Crasher on the internet, so once again I turn to the (somewhat repetitive) liner notes:

"CRASHER (G. Murray) is a versatile Artist both as a recording artist and while performing on stage. CRASHER (G. Murray) captures and holds the attention of his audience from the moment he steps on to the stage to the moment he steps off, and has captured many hearts during his still very young professional career.

CRASHER (G. Murray) started his career at a very young age in church and school choirs, but got his professional break when he joined the now defunct show band THE THUNDERBIRD [sic?] as lead singer and toured the Island of Jamaica warming the hearts of the visitors as well as the natives with their shows.

CRASHER (G. Murray) came to Canada in 1983 and continued his singing despite a lot of hardship and ups and downs, and is determined to continue to rise until he reaches the highest heights as an entertainer AGAINST ALL ODDS.

Lyrics Arrangement: G. Murray
Music Arrangement: G. Murray, Winston Wright, Levi (Dulley) Williams
Engineer: Paul Davidson, Mikey Carroll
Back-up Vocal: Delroy Melody

Recorded and mixed at Creative Sounds Studio, 190 Mountainview Ave., Kingston, Jamaica."

"Amazon" is a nicely understated slice of mid-'80's reggae, with synths and a drum machine complementing the song rather than overpowering it. I'm not entirely sure what it's about, but the lyrics seem to be a vaguely inspirational paen to continuing on AGAINST ALL ODDS in the face of difficulty and opposition.



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